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Brazen is looking for entrepreneurial journalists, creators and production companies to join our network.

We offer a wide range of partnerships, depending on the needs and risk appetite of our collaborators, but in all cases we are committed to increasing audience reach and revenue generation to make this important and valuable work more sustainable. In some cases, we may have ability to finance shows, but that’s not the only possibility for a partnership.
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While we are open to all possibilities, there are some types of podcast content we’re especially interested in:

Single shows that fit in one of our existing franchises or are thematically aligned with areas of coverage we’ve already developed an audience for.
True espionage stories
International crime, including white collar
True business-world stories that can span over more than four episodes
New franchises or thematic feeds that can start with a single great season but become a home for subsequent series in the same topical zone – i.e. a white collar crime feed or something similar.
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Brazen is open to working with production companies to collaborate and increase audience reach, especially when there’s a way for Project Brazen – our studio – to collaborate, whether it’s each contributing shows to a shared feed or helping develop derivative projects in the world of film, tv and documentaries.

We are open to discussing anything that increases the audience of the Brazen network, so please get in touch.
Send us a pitch!

One thing we like to think about is the basic concept of risk and reward.

Maximizing Ownership

(Minimizing Upfront Payment / Self Financing Projects)

Minimizing Risk

(Getting Paid Upfront and Financing, but Allowing Greater Co-Ownership)