Welcome to Hidden Worlds, a new podcast feed for Brazen stories.

Over the last two years, Brazen has uncovered the biggest US navy corruption scandal in Fat Leonard, revealed embezzlement at the heart of the Spanish royal family in Corinna and The King, and investigated a terrifying global mystery in The Sound.

We’ll still be working on these major, groundbreaking investigations. But in the meantime, we have many other stories that need to be told – three, four – sometimes five-part series that we want to bring you all in one place.

In Hidden Worlds, we’ll take you inside these stories and into places usually concealed from view. From organised crime to espionage, political corruption to international conspiracies, Hidden Worlds is a podcast feed where we’ll bring you unbelievable true stories.

Subscribe to Hidden Worlds in your favourite podcast app, and every few weeks it’ll reinvent itself with a brand new investigative series. One podcast, endless stories.

Latest Episodes

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Episode 2: The Go-Between
Episode 1: The Nativity


The Professor

Unlock the secrets of a stolen masterpiece, the Italian mafia, and one man's search for redemption in The Professor, the quest for the stolen Caravaggio.

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